Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Staging, WHY?? and HOW??

The hot "Buzz" word, Staging. Staging is one of the coolest ideas to hit Real Estate in the last 5 years. Everybody is starting to do it, but I caution to actually get a professional who has taken a course! Our team, Advantage Home Team and myself use a stager. Her name is Susan Wells and she is the Decorating Coach. Check our her website at
I had the opportunity to stay with her for a session with one of my clients. She was amazing! There was not much furniture but, she transformed the space with some simple changes by moving one mirror to another wall! She also instructed the Owner to change around some furniture to one end of the room and place it at the other end out from the wall and WOW! It made the space look that much more spacious and livable! She has made me a beleiver that by moving things around without spending a forture which can increase the sale price and cuts way down on the time it takes to get a great offer! For the higher end and vacant homes she also will rent out furniture and completely stage the home.
As most of my clients know I do offer this service with every listing for no charge to you! I have found my listings have sold faster and for more money this way! Be sure to check out her website too!

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Anonymous said...

Sheri- thanks for recommending this service! We planned to move & Susan helped us see our space in a new way, maximizing our rooms and ultimately our market. Which means $. SO thanks. Liz.