Thursday, April 3, 2008

Realtor Buys Home!

Well, I have not done this for a while. Being a client! It's a very unique experience to be on the other end of the transaction. My partner and I recently bought a house. It was exciting, stressful and eye-opening as to what my clients go through! With everything from finding the home, (that was the easy part for us), placing an offer in on the home and then the back and forth of negotiating (my partner was a pro at this, he was the constant Realtor, I was more of an emotional Buyer!). We did get to an acceptable offer and the rest is it just packing and moving in that's the next hurdle. So, the bottom line is I have learned dramatically from this personal experience and what the stages my clients go through!
I totally understand you now!!

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Anonymous said...

That's great to know you get us! With buying and selling there is so much going on emotionally, financially and even physically. To know you are a realtor that will use this understanding to help serve your clients by come along side them is AWESOME! Good Luck.