Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, we have moved and wow what an experience! I said before the process of buying a home was an experience, but the actual move in has been much more! I fully understand down to the painting, changing lighting fixtures, door handles and dealing with boxes. When my clients now say to me they would like a couple of extra days in between possession from their old place to their new, I have to say I really do get it now! I think every Realtor should move once every 10 years just to re-live what our clients go through on a regular basis!

I certainly do not plan on moving in the long distance future any time soon! It was very much worth the stress and chaos! You can rest assured I know what you as my clients need!


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Toronto real estate agent said...

To say that every realtor should move to experience the stress is a nice idea. But I think that it is not always possible. As a Toronto real estate agent I think that the most important part of helping clients with moving is to share your experience and the experience of other people.