Monday, February 28, 2011

Q R Codes....What are these weird squares?

There is another new way of marketing out there amidst all the other techie gadgets! Q R Codes....they have been around for a few years but now Realtors are using them for marketing their properties. On flyer's, lawn signs and business cards they are making their way into our modern advertising. How they work, you ask? Use your SMART phone, take a picture with a QR Code reader application and presto! You go directly to the Realtors website, a YOUTUBE video or their basic contact information. Sheri Brown of RE/MAX Performance will be placing Q R Codes on every sale sign, so if you need to know the valuable information on a property it will take you there in an instant. If you would like more information on Q R Codes and what they do for Real Estate call or email Sheri Brown at 604-590-4888 or

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